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The Sentamu Academy Learning Trust (SALT) is a Company limited by guarantee and a Charitable Trust. Responsibility for the academies that make up the Trust and for the funds granted by the Parliament for providing education in those academies is entrusted to the Board of Trustees. The detail of the Members of the Company and of the Board of Trustees can be found at http://www.salt.sentamu.com/accountability-and-governance

Our Governing Body

Find out about the people who oversee the general vision and management of our school. They give their time to ensure that school policies and long term vision are followed carefully to ensure that your child has the best experience that can be whilst they are with us. The governing body has a range of duties and powers and a general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. The Governing Body have responsibility for raising standards of achievement in the school. They hold senior leaders to account, seek external views of the school and use a range of information to set the strategic direction.

Governor Details

St James’ Church of England Academy Governing Body

Governor Date of Appointment

Appointed By

End of Term Area of Responsibility Declared Business and/or Pecuniary  Interest Other EABs/Governors Committees/ educational institutions
Jane Daniels


Staff Governor


By virtue of office

01/01/2030 None None
Jill Perver


Staff Governor

22/05/2019 22/05/2023
Pat O’Brien

Sponsor Foundation


Chair of Governors


York Diocese Board

22/02/2022 Numeracy


Attendance & Punctuality


Trustee of Ann Watson Trust

Rev Gloria Naylor

Sponsor Foundation Governor

Ex Officio


York Diocese Board




Collective Worship

None Trustee of Ann Watson Trust

Chair of St James PCC

Emma Davidson-Lane

Trust Foundation Governor

01/02/2019 01/02/2023 Child Protection

Looked After Children



E- Safety

None None
Martin Collingwood

Trust Foundation Governor


SALT Trust Board


06/06/2019 Equality M Collingwood Ltd None
Zoe Thomson

Parent Governor



10/12/2021 Health & Safety None None
Joanne Nundy

Parent Governor



22/12/2021 EYFS



None None
Patricia Lambert

Sponsor Foundation Governor


York Diocese Board


31/08/2021 Foundation Curriculum None None
Daniel Wallis

Trust Foundation Governor


SALT Trust Board


11/12/2022 None None
Christine Randall

Trust Foundation Governor


SALT Trust Board


21/11/2022 None None
Robert Pritchard

Trust Foundation Governor


SALT Trust Board

24/10/2022 None None
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