I am delighted to welcome you to St James’ Church of England Academy website.

We are very proud of our Academy, our children and their achievements. Behaviour at St James is outstanding and the warm, caring atmosphere in the Academy is frequently commented upon by visitors. Parents are partners in their child’s learning and we welcome them into the Academy.

Our aim is to provide a high quality education for all our pupils within a learning environment that fosters Christian values and beliefs. At the end of their primary education our pupils leave us understanding how they can keep themselves safe and healthy, they are confident that they can achieve and fulfil their potential. They are well prepared for future opportunities, responsibilities and experiences, and are able to contribute positively to their local community.

To enable our children to access the wider world and get the most out of life, we focus on the development of effective communication skills, including speaking and listening and the use of ICT across the curriculum. Through our effective links with local businesses, we aim to develop children’s enterprise skills, focusing on making learning real. This aspect is supported further by children taking part in numerous, meaningful educational visits. This not only raises children’s aspirations but gives them confidence in their abilities to make their way in life.

The Academy has an enthusiastic and hard-working staff and a strong and dedicated Governing Body. Our aim is to enable all our children to fulfil their potential through quality teaching and a stimulating curriculum. In addition to the National Curriculum we provide many other extra-curricular opportunities for the children to ensure that they receive a broad and balanced education.

We have a strong partnership with St James’ Church in Sutton. The whole Academy is involved in church services at various times of the year and members of the congregation are regular contributors to the life of our Academy.

If you haven’t visited St James’ Church of England Academy and would like to know more, please do contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Mrs Jane Daniels